Guidelight Reviews (SnapPower) Hassle-Free LED Pathway Light?

People use many types of lighting fixtures in and outside the home, and not all of these options are not equally useful or easy to use and maintain. Nowadays, you can opt for automatic Led lights that can be set up easily, and maintenance is simple. Of course, you have to think of the cost and ease of usage too. One such example is Snap Power GuideLight.

The basics of GuideLight

GuideLight is a user-friendly outlet cover and night light that can be used in various places. You need not hire an electrician to set it up. The outlet cover has to be screwed on another existing outlet if you want to use it as a pathway light. It can be used in various places, including child’s bedrooms, hallways, terraces, gardens, and bathrooms. It is made and sold by a company called Snap Power. The light is sold online. GuideLight is available in 2 styles- Décor and Duplex. The former has a rectangular shape, while the Duplex has rounded edges. GuideLight is the brainchild of Jeremy Smith, a veteran electrician who has spent more than three decades in this sector.

Reasons to buy Snap Power GuideLight

  • The light is easy to set up, and maintenance needs are minimal.
  • It comes with an adjustable automatic motion detection feature.
  • The pricing is decent, and bulk buying lets you save more.
  • It has more than 13,000 reviews posted online.
  • The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product.
  • It does not require batteries.
  • The company says light can last for two decades or more.
  • The light has a nice and elegant design.
  • You will not have to fiddle with any wiring to use it.
  • The company offers a yearlong refund policy.

Why GuideLight is better than typical lights

Once you start using GuideLight, you will not feel like using regular lights at home.

Some designer interior lamps and night lamps may not suit your décor style. But GuideLight, with its neutral, white design, fits nearly all decors with ease.

Some designer lamps, including vintage-style ones, may need a long time to be set up. When you uninstall them, it is another clumsy experience. That is not the case with GuideLight. It can be set up and removed within a few minutes.

For installing some regular lamps, especially designer ones, you may need to set up special sockets and holders. These require additional time and cost, for sure. That is not the case with GuideLight. It can be set up on your existing electrical outlet, and no other accessory will be needed.

Compared to many regular nightlights, GuideLight requires little space. So your playful kids and pets will not bump against it easily.

Some nightlights and Led lamps can be extremely bright. They can be harsh on the eyes of users with vision issues. This is not a problem with GuideLight. It exudes a soothing glow, and the illumination is just right.

Compared to many regular lights, the running cost of GuideLight is on the lower side. So, by using it, you can bring down your energy bill.

GuideLight comes with a handy automatic shutoff function. This helps you save on energy bills, and you need not be mindful about switching it off manually.

GuideLight gets an edge over regular lights owing to its customizable and handy automatic light detection feature. It adjusts the brightness as per the ambient lighting in the room or place where it is set up.

Parents with curious and naughty kids worry about the kids fiddling with lighting and fixtures. With GuideLight, they can forget such woes. Since it is fixed on the electrical outlet itself, the kids cannot take out parts, and there are no risks of getting electric shocks, etc.

The lights are placed on the device in such a way that they illuminate the area below. So, the floor area is well-lit, and the light radiates around. So, the glare is never on your eyes directly-which is convenient. This can be useful in gardens, halls, terraces, and balconies, etc. These lights are ideal for people who are light sleepers, and any big change in lighting disrupts their sleep easily.

How to set it up

If you have used any led lamp earlier, setting up GuideLight will be simple. Even if you have no experience in setting up Led lights in the past, there will be no problem. The setup process is simple, and you will not need to hire an electrician for the task. GuideLight has a simple snap-and-go installation setup.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Switch off the power using the electrical panel switch.
  • Unscrew the screws and remove the existing outlet cover.
  • Snap GuideLight onto it and screw it well on the outlet.

What about the pricing?

Unlike regular Led lights and designer lamps, some of which will tax your wallet heavily, GuideLight is affordable. A unit will cost you only $24.99. You can save more by buying more than one unit.

  • A single unit costs $24.99, and shipping fees are extra.
  • A 3-unit set costs only $59.98, and US shipping is free.
  • The 5-unit set costs $89.97, and the 8-unit set costs only $119.96. Both come with free US Shipments.

The company selling the product offers a reassuring 100% satisfaction guarantee. A 1-year long money-back offer is there, but you have to return the light in its original packaging and condition to get a refund. The warranty claim on manufacturing defects is there too. The orders must be placed online at GetTheGuideLight.io.

Summing it up

Overall, GuideLight by Snap Power seems a smart and handy solution for people seeking led lights for versatile usage. The device can be set up by anyone with basic skills in handling electric devices. It negates the need to fiddle with wiring and fixtures. The lights have an automated motion detection feature. The running cost is minimal, and you can set these lights up in various rooms of the house. As for the cost, it hits the sweet spot. Bulk orders help you save a lot, and the company offers a long refund policy to assure the buyers. The largely positive online reviews work in its favor.

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