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Job seekers enjoy safe access to trusted employers in their communities!

Employers gain easy access to the career vertical + over 90 traditional print products
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Calling all employers and job seekers! Whether you’re looking for a trusted, reliable and locally focused platform to hunt down new career opportunities or you need to cast a wide net to find the right people to join your team, is the solution.

Local Work has been connecting employers with new employees since 2016 and has remained a trusted platform for both job seekers and employers alike.

For employers, Local Work’s robust marketing packages include both the Local Work platform and an option to upgrade to include traditional print products in over 90 communities throughout B.C., Alberta, Yukon, North West Territories and Nunavut.

Accessing these hyper-local markets means easier access to the right people in the right communities. For employers looking for the right people to add to their team, Local Work offers a growing network of individuals seeking new career opportunities.

You’ll also be adding your name to the growing list of other well-respected employers, from all industries across the landscape of Canada. With many employers listed in the top 100 Employers in BC.

Find the perfect marketing package for your expanding business and gain easy access to print ads and digital ads at Localwork has a trusted brand offering 15 plus annual career expos in BC and Central Alberta. More information on this vertical can be found at

For those on the hunt for new career opportunities, Local Work takes the guesswork out of finding legitimate new job opportunities in your community. New job postings are updated weekly and carefully vetted to ensure they’re legitimate opportunities from reliable employers.

Through partnerships with some of Canada’s leading employers, you can easily find the next step in your career. The application process is free and easy to complete – simply upload documents to your profile before applying directly through the Local Work platform itself.

“Through Local Work we’ve helped thousands of employers find and actively hire new team members,” says Kristy O’Connor, Director of Sales. “Our unique access to hyper-local markets benefits both employers and job seekers as well. We know the hiring process can be challenging but our approach is geared to helping the right people find each other in a reliable and safe way.”

Whether you’re in the market for a career change or looking for the perfect person to complement your team, Local Work offers a safe, reliable solution to connect potential new employees with the right employers.

Find your dream job or dream employee today at Follow them on Facebook for the latest job listings and opportunities.