Anna Remenik

ELECTION: Langley Township mayoralty candidate Anna Remenik

A Voter’s Guide to key election questions.

Anna Remenik

Running for mayor in Langley Township


Special education assistant, 52


• Have you held office in past? If so, please specify:


Candidate provided bio: I’ve lived and worked in Walnut Grove in the 1990s, and Brookswood and Murrayville since 2007.

My son was born at Langley Memorial Hospital. I’m also known as Anna R.

I’m committed to public service, and an active community-­builder in the Township.

My approach is based on meaningful consultation, active listening, and solutions through respectful dialogue.

For several years, I’ve participated in delegations to the mayor and council.

I’ve attended regular council meetings and public hearings.

During this time, I’ve listened to Township parents, grandparents, students, business owners, horse enthusiasts, farmers, developers, and community groups.

I’ve heard your concerns, and seen firsthand the stress that accompanies uncertainty, poor infrastructure, increased crime, and community services that are challenged and over capacity.

My goals include prioritizing safety and preserving our quality of life, creating sustainable and vibrant communities, while protecting farmland and the ALR, and effectively managing and valuing our natural resources.



Facebook: @VoteRemenik


• Who is your favourite superhero, and why? Elastigirl. Known for her quote “Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don’t think so!” She is strong, flexible, and powerful, and is a great mom.


There are three candidates running for Langley Township’s mayor’s chair. The following are questions asked of each candidate hopeful. They were directed to provide a minimum of a Yes, No, or Don’t Know answer, and given an option to expand on one answer in print (to a maximum of 100 words per question). They could expand on all questions online, if they wished to do so. The following are their replies.


Questions and Answers:

1. What neighbourhood of Langley do you live in?

Answer: I have previously lived in Walnut Grove and Brookswood, currently in Murrayville.


2. How many years have you lived in Langley?

Answer: Total of 15 years.


3. How many Langley Township council meetings have you attended in the past year?

Answer: In this past year, I’ve attended many regular council meetings and public hearings. I’ve participated in delegations presenting to council as well.


4: Should the municipality be directly funding social housing to reduce homelessness?

Answer: Don’t Know. Whatever the plan ends up being, it should be a joint venture between City and Township. Would need more information and to do an analysis to properly answer this question.


5. Do you support elevated rail over light rapid transit from Surrey to Langley?

Answer: Don’t Know. Need more information regarding cost and disruption to traffic flow, etc. to properly answer this question.


6. Should the municipality fund an arts centre?

Answer: Don’t know. Need more information and to do an analysis to properly answer this question.


7. Would you vote to raise taxes to hire more police?

Answer: Don’t know. Need more information and a cost analysis to properly answer this question. Budget considerations, consultations with the police, etc. all come into play.


8. Does Langley need a new or second hospital to serve the growing population?

Answer: Yes.


9. Does Willoughby need its own dedicated library?

Answer: Yes.


10. Is there enough effort being made to preserve farmland?

Answer: No.


11. Should Langley allow construction of residential towers?

Answer: No.


12. Should Langley have its own municipal police force, replacing the RCMP?

Answer: No. We are in an extended contract with the RCMP.


13. Do you think residential property taxes are too high?

Answer: No


14. Do you support the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline?

Answer: No. This is a summary of my experience, and what I learned, when I attended the Kinder Morgan open house on April 2, 2014… In my opinion they are not prepared to deal with a major spill effectively. They will profit, and the Township residents are left with all the risks. (See much more detailed answer on Remenik’s Facebook page.


15. Should the municipality offer tax breaks, incentives, or rebates to companies looking to set up shop here?

Answer: Don’t know. Perhaps if those services are short in supply in the Township. Need to look at the impact on the business already here. Would need more information and to do an analysis to properly answer this question. I know tax breaks can be very effective in bringing more business to a community.


16. Is Langley being pushed to grow too fast?


Yes. Township voters are concerned with rapid development and the issues that come with that growth.

Preserving the ALR, green space, affordability, density, tree preservation, infrastructure such as roads, schools, hospital, and safety services, and their ability to meet the needs of additional people.

We need a vision that puts first and foremost the quality of life for residents who are already here, as well as success and prosperity for farmers and businesses within the Township.

• Creating environmentally sustainable communities through more careful, thoughtful development.

A more balanced approach.


17. Do you support redevelopment of Fort Langley’s downtown?

Answer: Don’t know. What would that look like? Need more information and to do an analysis to properly answer this question.


18. Should development of Brookswood be phased in?

Answer: Yes.


19. Should the Township set a deadline to finish widening 208th Street in Willoughby?

Answer: Yes.


20. Should there be a limit to the number of consecutive terms a member of council can serve?

Answer: No.

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