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Coroner, IIO, and IHIT all still investigating Langley spree shooting murders

No word on when any investigations will wrap up and release findings
Jordan Daniel Goggin is the presumed shooter in four attacks that killed two and wounded two more six months ago. The attacks are still under investigation by three B.C. agencies. (IHIT/Special to Black Press Media)

Six months after a terrifying shooting spree claimed two lives and ended in the death of the gunman in Langley, there are still three open investigations underway.

On July 25, 28-year-old Surrey man Jordan Daniel Goggin began criss-crossing Langley, and over five hours and 45 minutes, he would shoot four people, before himself being killed by police.

Goggin killed Paul Wynn outside the Creek Stone Place supportive housing facility, and killed Steven Furness near the Glover Road bus loop.

The attacks also left a woman near the Cascades Casino parking lot seriously injured, and a man riding a bicycle near 200th Street and the Langley Bypass was shot in the leg.

It was after that final shooting near 200th Street that police caught up to Goggin just after 5:45 a.m., and shot and killed him.

Although the death of Goggin is believed to have ended the threat, the families of victims and the community as a whole has had few answers about a possible motive for his rampage, where and how he acquired the weapon or weapons used in the attacks, and what he was doing in the long gaps between shootings.

Although the only presumed gunman is dead, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) has said it is still carrying out an investigation.

Two other B.C. agencies are also investigating.

“All of those [deaths] are under open investigation,” said Ryan Panton, manager of communications for the B.C. Coroners Service.

The service undertakes investigations into a variety of types of deaths, both criminal and non-criminal.

Whether there will be a full inquest into the deaths of Wynn and Furness, as well as the police shooting of Goggin, has not yet been determined, said Panton.

According to the Coroners Act, the chief coroner may order an inquest if “the public has an interest in being informed of the circumstances surrounding the death, or the death resulted from a dangerous practice or circumstance, and similar deaths could be prevented if recommendations were made to the public or an authority.”

The other non-police agency running an investigation is the Independent Investigations Office (IIO), which investigates every police interaction in B.C. that results in death or serious injury.

Since Goggin died from police gunfire, his death and the circumstances around it will be part of an IIO case, which began shortly after the shooting spree.

However, an IIO spokesperson said there was no estimated time to conclude that investigation.

The Langley Advance Times has also reached out to IHIT with questions about its investigation.

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