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Feds put $9.88 million into Aldergrove rec centre

Construction now begins on 'Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre'
MP John Aldag and MLA Darryl Plecas joined Langley Township Mayor Jack Froese in groundbreaking ceremonies for the Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre on Friday afternoon.

Ground was officially broken on Feb. 3, signalling the start of construction of the new Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre.

An Infrastructure Canada grant of almost $10 million was formally announced at the ceremony held at the site on a snowy and windy Friday afternoon.

Construction work had been delayed in anticipation of this grant, which has been in the works over the past year. With the grant now confirmed, the contractors will begin actual work at the site on Monday, Feb. 6.

The centre, a unique recreation complex and outdoor aquatic facility that will be enjoyed by people throughout the region, will still open as planned in June of 2018.

The Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre will feature a canopy-covered outdoor pool area with a shallow leisure end, six competitive swim lanes, a deep end for diving, and a hot tub. A sauna and steam room has also been added to the swimming facilities.

An environmentally conscious project, the pool will be open year-round and heated in the wintertime, using excess energy produced from cooling the ice at the adjacent arena.

The centre’s arena will include a fitness centre, indoor walking surface, and multipurpose rooms.

The complex will also feature an outdoor water park with waterslides, tidal pool, current channel, and a children’s aqua structure that will operate in the summer months, along with a large year-round playground.

Members of Township of Langley Council joined federal and provincial representatives at 27032 Fraser Highway on Friday for the ground breaking ceremony, and to announce the financial contribution from the federal government’s Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component – National and Regional Projects.

A federal grant of up to $9.881 million will be put towards the project, which, along with the budget approved by Township Council, will allow the centre to be built as envisioned without any additional cost to taxpayers, or cutting back on features. The Township of Langley will be responsible for all remaining costs of the project, which totals more than $30 million.

"Community centres provide families and residents of all ages with opportunities to participate in recreational activities, as well as a place to gather, learn and strengthen ties," said John Aldag, Member of Parliament for Cloverdale-Langley City.

On behalf of the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Aldag helped ground on the new Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre that will replace, modernize and expand upon existing facilities currently serving Langley Township residents. This new facility will replace the aging Aldergrove Community Arena as well as the existing Aldergrove Outdoor Pool.

It will include a fitness centre, walking track as well as provide multi-purpose programs and meetings spaces. The project will also create a vibrant outdoor space were residents can enjoy a multitude of activities including a competition and a leisure pool, a wave pool with a movie screen, as well as a children's aqua play structure, waterslides, and a playground.

"Investing in infrastructure creates jobs, strengthens the middle class and gives municipalities the building blocks they need to support a high standard of living for Canadians and their families," said MP Aldag. "The government of Canada is proud to support the new Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre that will help the town remain a vibrant, healthy, and inclusive community for generations to come."

“Financing something of this magnitude is a big job with many variables, and the Township had budgeted for the majority of the project through past or future land sales,” said Township of Langley Mayor Jack Froese.

“This much-appreciated federal funding will alleviate some of the pressure on the timing of those sales, and means there will be no tax increase required to fund construction of this project.

“The grant will also help pay for some additional features, such as a sauna and steam room, which were going to be added in later, but can now be included at the outset,” Froese said.

Other enhancements will include the addition of solar panels for heating the facility, rain water harvesting, additional change facilities, an expanded playground, and additional features that focus on youth recreation.

Last year, Council decided to add a canopy cover over the outdoor pool, and a deep end and diving board extension.

Since announcing the project, the Township worked to secure the federal grant with representatives from other levels of government.

“We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Cloverdale-Langley City MP John Aldag, who was instrumental in securing this funding,” Froese said.

“He brought forward the possibility of this grant to council and worked very hard to make it happen. We would also like to thank Minister Rich Coleman, MLA for Fort Langley-Aldergrove, for his valuable support and recognition of the importance of this project to our community,” Froese said.

“It was a lot of work, but for a very good cause, and it was wonderful to see all levels of government unite and work together for this excellent outcome.”

The Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre was designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and interests and will complement, not duplicate, existing Township recreation and aquatic opportunities.

The complex will be home to the Aldergrove Kodiaks hockey team, Aldergrove Minor Hockey, the Aldergrove Figure Skating Club, and an anticipated new Aldergrove Swim Club.

Froese noted that the new community centre will draw people from throughout the region to downtown Aldergrove and be a great step towards revitalizing Aldergrove’s downtown core.

In August 2016, it was announced that the facility would be named the Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre, after its naming sponsor.

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The Aldergrove rec centre design has been revamped to move the aquatic facilities behind the ice arena, thus the swimming pools will face the south and a children's water play area will move into a property on the south side recently acquired by the Township.

KURT LANGMANN PHOTO: MPs John Aldag and Mark Warawa, and MLA Darryl Plecas joined Langley Township Mayor Jack Froese in groundbreaking ceremonies for the Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre on Friday afternoon.