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Fewer crashes at 16 Avenue intersections after traffic lights went in, stats indicate

New ICBC figures show dropp in collisions at three locations where lights were installed in 2018
Traffic lines up at the new signals on 240 Street and 16 Avenue on Sunday, Aug. 2. New ICBC figures released on July 28, 2020, show the addition of three new traffic lights appears to have reduced crashes along the busy arterial. (Dan Ferguson/Langley Advance Times)

New traffic signals on busy 16 Avenue in Langley have reduced crashes, ICBC statistics indicate.

According to 2019 collision figures just released by the public insurance agency, there were fewer collisions at three intersections where lights were installed by the Township of Langley, at 240 Street, 232 Street, and 208 Street.

At the 240 Street intersection, the number dropped from 12 in 2018 to five in 2019, while the number of crashes at 232 dropped from 12 to nine over the same period, and crashes at the 208 Street intersection went from four to three.

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Installed in late 2018, the new traffic lights were part of the 16 Avenue Corridor Improvements Project, which included pull-outs so police can safely pull vehicles over for enforcement and so slower farm vehicles could move out of the way of faster moving traffic.

A consultant’s report commissioned by the Township in 2015 said the highest number of collisions on 16 Avenue occurred at the 208 Street and 240 Street intersections, adding it was evident that some drivers were taking risks when entering 16 Avenue from the side roads.

“… some side road motorists are likely misjudging the approach speeds of vehicles on 16 Avenue, and so accept gaps which they perceive to be safe, when in fact these gaps are shorter due to the approaching vehicle travelling above the posted speed limit,” the report noted.

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According to ICBC, the 10 most dangerous intersections in the Langley area last year were, for the most part, located along Highway 1 and 200 Street, with the most accident-prone being the highway on- and off-ramps at 200 Street, where 252 crashes were recorded in 2019.

That was followed by the 264 Street intersection with the highway (234), the 232 Street and highway intersection (143), the 200 Street and Langley Bypass (130), 200 Street and 88 Avenue (123), 264 Street and 56 Avenue (105), Fraser Highway and the Langley Bypass (104), 200 Street and 64 Avenue (96), 264 Street and Fraser Hwy. (96) and 208 St. and 88 Ave (77).

ICBC released the figures July 28 online in formats that allow residents residents searchable access to crash and vehicle population data for their communities.

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