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Grant aids plans to make Langley Township parks cooler in summer

Project is part of climate change policies in Township

A $30,000 grant will fund Langley’s Cool Parks, a data-collection project that will work to determine which Township neighbourhoods are most at risk of extreme heat events.

The UBCM Community Emergency Preparedness Fund provided the cash, and the project is part of the Emergency Prepardness Plan.

“With climate change bringing hotter summer temperatures and more frequent heat waves Langley’s Cool Parks will determine areas of the Township that are most vulnerable to overheating and recommend how we can enhance our parks to provide a cooler outdoor refuge for community members,” said Ryan Schmidt, the Township’s manager of sustainability.

he project will include a shade assessment for select parks in areas of the Township at risk of over-heating, a temperature assessment of park elements, such as play equipment and spectator benches, and an assessment of the availability of public drinking fountains.

Finally, the project will develop Cool Parks guidelines for shading, cooling, and hydration strategies in parks across the community, to aid in future parks planning and to use when making modifications to existing parks.