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Horse tale at border costs Aldergrove couple $71,634 in penalties

If the pair told the truth about equine value, it would have cost them only $16,000 in duties and taxes, say border services
This quarter horse was seized at the Aldergrove border because its owners tried to claim they paid $10


Two Aldergrove residents told a very costly lie when trying to bring an American quarter horse across the border last month.

On June 23, two returning residents arrived at the Aldergrove border crossing with a quarter horse they bought in Texas.

They declared to the officer that they had paid $10,000 US for it.

However, through questioning, Border Service Officers determined that the actual payment was $140,505 Canadian. Both individuals were arrested and are facing possible prosecution, said the Canadian Border Services Agency.

An administrative penalty of $71,634 CAD was applied on the undervalued amount.

The penalty was paid and the horse was released from CBSA custody.

Had the travellers made a truthful declaration they would have paid $16,860.60 CAD in duties and taxes.

Monique Tamminga

About the Author: Monique Tamminga

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