Long, Richter respond to Green

Councillor Bob Long says mayor’s assertion of coalition against him ‘absurd’

The unveiling of Rick Green’s team for Township council in the November civic election leaves no doubt that the mayor is hoping to unseat incumbents, at least six of whom, he said, have been “resistant to change and co-operation” and formed a coalition against him.

When he introduced his seven running mates at a meeting on July 26, Green left the door open for only one other incumbent, Councillor Mel Kositsky.

Kositsky, the longest-serving member of council “deserves to be respected” because Kositsky does not attack him when the two disagree, Green said.

Reacting to Green’s assertion of a coalition against him, Councillor Bob Long said he is not part of one and to suggest that he is, is absurd.

“I have never ever challenged the mayor on his policies, only on the way he runs the meetings, sometimes,” Long said.

“This idea of a coalition against him is absurd. I am not part of a coalition for or against anybody,” he said.

Another Township politician has warned that Green’s slate of running mates is bad news for Langley.

“Slates have been controversial and taken the Township in wrong directions,” said Councillor Kim Richter.

“Electing slates has never worked well in the Township and residents “have never been well served by slates,” she added.

“It is always wise to ensure that council has checks and balances. Councillors are not servants of the mayor (and) when you support a mayor’s slate, you provide that mayor with a blank cheque,” Richter said.