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Looking back at Queen Elizabeth’s and Prince Philip’s historic visit to Hope by rail

Photo re-surfaces of Queen Elizabeth II’s 1951 Royal Tour visit to Hope Station House
Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh at the Hope Station during their Royal Tour of Canada in 1951. At this time, the Station House was still located at its original site on the corner of 5th Ave and Hudson Bay Street. (Photo/Walter Inouye)

As the world learns about her death, some people in Hope may remember when Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited the Hope Station House.

In 1951, during a Royal Tour of Canada, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip passed through the District of Hope and visited the Station House, which at the time was located on the corner of 5th Ave and Hudson Bay Street. At the time, Queen Elizabeth had yet to be crowned and was still a princess and Prince Philip, yet to be Royal Consort, was the Duke of Edinburgh.

The photo seen here was taken by Walter Inouye and was discovered by local historians a few years ago.

Starting on Oct.12, 1951 and ending on Nov. 12, 1951, Queen Elizabeth started her 36-day tour of Canada with her first official visit to Toronto. During that month, she and Prince Philip visited many Canadian locations and cities including St. John’s, Ottawa, Quebec, Calgary, Regina, Victoria, Vancouver, and Hope. She also visited Washington, D.C., where she met President Harry Truman.

Queen Elizabeth died today (Sept. 8) in her sleep, at the age of 96, at Balmoral Castle. She served 70 years on the throne. Her death has sparked many reactions from around the world, especially from former colonies and communities still grappling with the effects of colonization.

Prince Charles, heir to the throne, will be the new monarch. He had already taken over many duties while Elizabeth was recovering from COVID-19.

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