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Medos promises fresh perspective

School trustee candidate has ‘long roots’ in the community
Kari Medos

If elected to the board of education on Nov. 19, Kari Medos promises to bring “a new face, with fresh perspective.”

Medos, who will run for the second time for school trustee for the Township of Langley, has long roots in the community.

Medos and her husband were born and raised in Langley and have raised their two children here, both of them attending Langley schools from Kindergarten to grade 12.

In addition to working for 34 years as an insurance agent in Langley, Medos has been active in the community for much of her life, volunteering in various capacities in Langley Schools, the district and the community.

She served for eight years as PAC president and has also filled the positions of vice-president, member-at-large and fundraiser as well as serving on DPAC.

Medos currently serves on the Township of Langley Recreation Culture and Parks Committee, various subcommittees and on the Langley Walk Task Force.

She feels that both her work, which keeps her in constant touch with the public, and her volunteer activities give her a clear insight into the community and the people who live here.

She prides herself in having always listened to people, and vows to continue to do so, always keeping the good of the community as a whole in mind and making decisions for the benefit of all of Langley’s students and their educational needs.

“I will work hard to balance the needs of our district with the needs of individual schools and students in the most educationally and financially sound way, taking particular care to consider the diversity of challenges facing he different geographical areas of Langley,” she said.

“I offer fairness, decisiveness and integrity.  I’m open-minded to new ideas while recognizing the importance of Langley’s history.  I am hard working and commit 100 per cent to everything I undertake.

“I’m an independent candidate without affiliations or public funding.”

Medos can be contact at:, on Facebook or through her website at: