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More than 2,000 graduate from UFV

Grads from University of the Fraser Valley crossed the stage at three convocation ceremonies.
The first of three convocation ceremonies for the University of the Fraser Valley took place on June 14 at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre. About 2

There were Van Meers and Dhaliwals, Malloways and Froeses, and Kims and MacDonalds in the spotlight on June 14 and 15 as new graduates of the University of the Fraser Valley crossed the stage at three convocation ceremonies at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre adjacent to the Abbotsord campus.

Approximately 2,100 students earned credentials at UFV this year, and at least half of them attended ceremonies for their moment of glory as friends and family from across the Fraser Valley and beyond cheered them on from the stands.

UFV president Mark Evered told the graduates that convocation marks the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another.

“I know you faced many challenges in your studies and in your lives outside of classes. I know about your sacrifices and the talent and effort you needed to succeed. You’re entitled to be proud of that, because we are very proud of you too. But I’m sure your studies have also brought a sense of humility. Mine certainly did. Every time I learn something new, I discover more I don’t know and need to know.

“But what I know is that your education at UFV will be the foundation from which you can reach with confidence into the unknown. Build on what you know, and enthusiastically embrace the new opportunities for creativity and service ahead. Be humbled by what you don’t know, but proud of what you do, and don’t be shy about tackling the tough things.”

Three student speakers also addressed convocation, one at each of the ceremonies.

Bachelor of Arts graduate Jack Brown spoke about the revolutionary nature of the university; Jennifer Ofeimu, a graduate of the teacher education program, reminded the graduates that they are among the lucky ones; and  Bachelor of Science in nursing grad Matt Krabbendam, spoke on a theme of overcoming quitting points.a