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Open letter from raided Langley marijuana dispensary

Owner Randy Caine says police "looted" facility
Randy Caine will hold a town hall meeting Tues. Aug. 2 at the Douglas Recreation Centre to discuss the police raid on his medical marijuana dispensary.

In an open letter to the community, the owner of the recently-raided Langley Medical Marijuana Dispensary defends his business, accuses the police of "looting" the dispensary and announces a town hall meeting.

In the letter, marijuana activist Randy Caine reveals that he obtained a licence to supply medical marijuana for a friend in 2008.

That grew into a dispensary that serves "over 200 members" Caine says.

"We provide a safe and professional environment where our clients can discuss their needs with staff who are knowledgeable about the products they are dispensing," Caine writes.

"It is a requirement of our membership to have the written recommendation of a physician or specialist or at the very least a confirmation of a condition that is known to be alleviated by cannabis use."

Caine describes the July 19 raid by police that seized all of the marijuana as a "looting of the dispensary by the Langley RCMP."

He says the Langley RCMP and mayor and council of the City of Langley were told about his activities from the onset.

"I have operated with the full and complete knowledge of these officials" Caine states.

The letter announces there will be a town hall meeting on Tuesday August 2 at the Douglas Recreation Centre at 20550 Douglas Crescent from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. "where the residents of Langley will have an opportunity to voice their concerns, questions and/or support for the use of medicinal marijuana by those with with a medical need."

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