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Police ticket Aldergrove border queue jumpers

Aeriel view shows vehicles from Zero Avenue pushing their way into the southbound queue for the Aldergrove border crossing.

Police are continuing to battle queue jumpers at the Aldergrove border crossing.

Motorists attempting to jump the Aldergrove Border crossing line-up at Zero Avenue and 264 Street on March 19 were dealt with by Langley RCMP Traffic Services after several complaints were made.

Many of the complaints stem from the southbound line of motorists waiting to cross the border, sometimes for over an hour, who become frustrated when vehicles approaching 264 Street on Zero Avenue cut into the line without being subjected to the wait time.

There have been signs posted for the past year on Zero Avenue, advising motorists there is no border access from both the east and west approach on Zero Avenue. The signage is posted prior to the intersection, providing plenty of warning for motorists.

This signage was constructed to prevent hot-tempered confrontations between the parties which have occurred when motorists pushed their way into the lineup.

On March 19 police observed numerous vehicles attempting to bypass the more than 60-minute border lineup by disregarding both of the “No Left Turn” and “No Right Turn” signs.

Police wrote over 30 violations tickets in about 60 minutes that day, mostly for intersection infractions. The majority of violators were locals who know the stretch of roadway but still attempted to disregard the posted signs.

"Langley RCMP will continue to attend the intersection, enforcing the posted signs," said spokesperson Cst. Jillian Roberts. "With the summer months soon to be upon us, it is likely traffic volume at our border crossings will increase. Please exercise patience with your fellow motorists and obey all signage as you approach the border."