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Research into non-profits to be presented

A meeting Tuesday will discuss the impact of non-profit organizations in Langley.

Close to 900 community groups provide services to residents of Langley, with the support of at least 46,000 volunteers who contribute over 7.3 million hours of their time annually.

A recently-completed review of the non-profit and volunteer sector in Greater Langley shows that the economic, social, and health impact on the community and residents to be significant.

With the population of the Township projected to increase by 29 per cent over the next 10 years, and funding becoming even more restricted, a grassroots “chamber-like” initiative for the non-profit sector has begun to engage residents and groups  in the simple, and low-cost act of sharing information and resources.

People are invited to find out more on Tuesday May 29, at 6:30 p.m. at Murrayville Hall (corner of 216 Street and 48 Avenue).

Attendees will hear from key representatives from other parts of the sector, such as the arts, faith, sports, first nations, social, and education. They will also learn more about the needs of the sector, further findings from the research, and trends. The official name of this initiative will finally be announced at the gathering.

They will also discover how they can get involved in this, “Unique-to-BC” initiative. The goal of this entity is to support the overall sector so that groups can more efficiently and effectively do what they already do well — contribute to the “village” of Langley.”

For further information contact Dave Stark at