Seniors Centre proposes shuttle bus service

Plan would make it easier for Langley Township seniors to use centre.

The Langley Senior Resources Society (LSRS) would like to make it easier for Township residents to visit its Langley City centre.

It’s asking the Township to fund a twice-a-week shuttle bus for seniors living in Walnut Grove, Fort Langley and Aldergrove.

The bus would bring seniors “into Langley City, Willowbrook Mall and Langley Seniors Centre” at 20605 51B Ave., the written society “business plan proposal” states.

The society is also seeking funding for outreach staff in Walnut Grove, Fort Langley and Aldergrove.

Workers would be available three days a week for four hours each day in “Township facilities with access to phone, computer and private office space.”

And it asks for subsidies for low-income seniors to provide a number of free memberships, reduced-cost memberships and vouchers for meals and programs.

The estimated cost is $38,975.50.

“These funds will enable the Langley Senior Resources Society to reach out to Township residents and provide access to information, and transportation opportunities to reduce isolation and activities that will improve the general health and well-being of senior people,” society executive director Shelley Wells and board chair Shauna Sailer said in a covering letter.

The LSRS documents were distributed to members of council in February, shortly before council began reviewing the 2015 municipal budget.

Township funding support of the LSRC in 2014 consisted of a $2,500 Community Grant allocated to public outreach initiatives to seniors and their families.