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Stage 3 restrictions protect Aldergrove water supply

From July 1 to September 30, Stage 3 water restrictions – including a ban on lawn sprinkling - are being declared by the Township of Langley

When the weather turns hot and dry, it is tempting to turn on the tap to cool things off.

But increased water use in the summer takes a toll on East Langley’s water supply, a supply that must be preserved for drinking and dealing with emergencies.

From July 1 to September 30, Stage 3 water restrictions – including a ban on lawn sprinkling - are being declared by the Township of Langley’s general manager of engineering and community development for residents on the municipal water system in Aldergrove, Gloucester, and Salmon River Uplands.

These areas are serviced by the East Langley municipal water system, which relies solely on municipal wells drawing groundwater from local aquifers.

Stage 3 water restrictions are declared in anticipation of hot and dry summer weather, and since it is hard to predict the weather, they are put in place proactively to manage water usage.

“Water demand doubles during the warm season and more groundwater is pumped from the aquifers than usual,” said Simon Tremblay of the Township’s water resources and environment department.

“If too much extraction occurs, water levels may fall below well pumping levels, causing a water shortage. Stage 3 restrictions are enforced during critical periods when rainfall is low and water demand is high, to help protect drinking water and maintain supplies needed for emergency use.”

“Everyone can do their part to reduce water usage,” Tremblay added, noting that residents with private wells can support conservation efforts by voluntarily complying with the water restrictions.

Other areas serviced by the Township’s municipal water system receive a mix of groundwater and water from Metro Vancouver reservoirs, and are currently under Stage 1 water restrictions which regulate lawn sprinkling days and hours.

Water use restrictions are implemented through the Township’s Water Shortage Response Bylaw 2012 No. 4909.

A map of the affected areas and additional information can be found on the Township’s website at

To report a water restriction violation or to have questions answered, call the Township’s Engineering Division at 604-532-7300. Non-compliance is subject to penalties under the Township of Langley’s Water Shortage Response Bylaw 2012 No. 4909.

Effective July 1 to September 30 the following restrictions are in effect for municipal water users in east Langley:

• Lawn sprinkling is prohibited by homes and businesses.

• Residential and most commercial gardens, shrubs, trees, and flower beds may only be watered by hand, by containers, or through drip irrigation. “Soaker” hoses are not permitted.

• Pressure washing is only allowed if the work is performed commercially and the purpose is for health, safety, or in preparation for painting or similar treatment.

• Decorative fountains must be shut down.

• Hand washing of vehicles is restricted to features required for safety (windows, lights, licenses), so long as an automatic shut-off device is used; hand washing at commercial car washes is allowed.

• Filling and refilling of private, commercial, and public swimming pools, ponds, and hot tubs is prohibited.

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