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Teachers wear red for Langley contract protest

Teachers in B.C. have been without a contract for six months
Langley teachers protested the slow pace of contract negotiations and opposed the government’s requests for concessions on Friday. (Langley Teachers Association)

A number of Langley teachers staged a protest “walk in” to schools on Friday as they’ve been without a contract for more than six months.

The teachers wore red as they walked in to their schools together on Feb. 28.

“What we need is the government to live up to the promises they made while in opposition” says Langley Teachers’ Association President Tanya Kerr.

She said teachers are being asked for concessions on class sizes and reductions in services for students.

Kerr also said teacher shortages continue, including 80 unfilled positions per week in Langley. That includes a lack of classroom teachers, or specialist teachers, such as music or resource teachers, who are being pulled for their regular duties to cover a classroom.

“Teachers want an equitable salary increase in line with other public service union and steps to address the recruitment and retention of teachers across the province” Kerr said. “There is incredible pressure on teachers across the province who are struggling to meet the needs of their students.”