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Township election recount bid denied

Application filed by Mayor Green's nominator seeking manual recount lacked pertinent details, says judge
Rick Green speaks to his supporters inside Milner Chapel after conceding defeat on Saturday

One of Mayor Rick Green's nominators has sought a recount of the Nov. 19 civic election in which Green was defeated by Jack Froese.

But his bid was rejected by a provincial court judge because the affidavit filed on his behalf lacked pertinent information.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Township revealed that Green's application, filed by Thomas Braaten, was filed on Monday, shortly before the deadline for an appeal.

Braaten was one of the people who signed Green's nomination papers.

The application sought a manual recount of votes in the Township. In a hearing on Wednesday morning, Braaten told Justice Peder Gulbransen that the recount was to be restricted to one electronic voting machine.

In the application, filed on Nov. 28, Braaten wrote: "It has come to my attention that there were problems with one or more of the Diebold vote counting machines used in the Nov. 19, 2011 election. This may have resulted in an inaccurate voted count."

The affidavit claims that the people operating the voting machines "were either not given or did not understand the instructions for operating these machines resulting in there (sic) use being varied throughout the election poling (sic) stations with the specific result being that the way this information was inputted into the computer is not reliable and it is my specific belief that a physical count of the actual ballots is necessary to determine the actual result of the election for the Township of Langley."

According to the Township statement, Gulbransen denied the application because the applicant’s affidavit, required as part of the application, "lacked the factual information necessary to establish that the requirements for a judicial recount had been met."

In the mayor's race on election night, Green finished last in a field of three, with 4,466 votes.

Jack Froese was elected mayor with 7,706 votes, and runner up Mel Kositsky, an incumbent councillor, had 6,522.