Winery signs not consistent

Signs directing tourists to winery destinations are inadequate and poorly maintained.

There are international symbols that direct people to airports and other destinations, and there should be similarly uniform symbols for tourism destinations, Eugene Kwan told Township council on April 23.

Kwan, who owns Domaine de Chaberton Winery on 216 Street south of 16 Avenue, said that the Ministry of Transportation is right in trying to keep to a minimum the number of signs on highways, but ones that exist to direct tourists to destinations are inadequate and poorly maintained.

He cited as an example wine tour signs, represented by a cluster of grapes, that fizzle out once motorists leave Highway 1. From 200 Street, there is no sign directing wine lovers to 72 Avenue, but if they are lucky enough to connect to 216 Street they will find the sign at 216 Street and Fraser Highway obscured by a power pole.

“I feel there should be a way of dealing with the problem, once you get off the highway, of finding our businesses,” Kwan said.

“We are constantly getting comments that we are impossible to find … unless you have a GPS.”

He asked council to appoint a representative to a meeting between the ministry and the BC Agri-Tourism Alliance which will explore, among other issues, uniform signs for B.C., Washington and Oregon. Council referred the issue to staff who will attend meetings and work towards improving signage.

Kwan told council that mileage on some signs is incorrect, and that the ministry and municipality should work out who will maintain signs.