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Aldergrove needs answers from Langley Township

There have been lots of promises, but little has been delivered to Aldergrove.

Editor: Re: Patricia O’Grady’s letter (The Times, Sept 20). I absolutely agree with her complaint.

My husband and I have resided in Aldergrove for more than 20 years.Politicians at various levels have been very slow to deliver on their promises.

The Aldergrove Lake mud puddle was closed several years ago. A bigger and safer swimming facility was promised to replace it. It didn’t happen.

Aldergrove Elementary, which our granddaughters attended, was closed. Again, we were told bigger and better things were on the way.

A covered pool, gym, skating rink have all been discussed and promised for years. Some type of recreation is needed in this forgotten corner of Langley Township.

What does it take for this community to evolve and go forward? Some answers from Township council would be appreciated.

K.M. Melger,


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