Bouquets for our hanging baskets

Bouquets for our hanging baskets


I want to thank the folks who pushed for the flower baskets in Aldergrove along Fraser Highway.

They are beautiful and add colour and life.

I’m an avid gardener and love my flowers. I tend to many gardens and spend a lot of time there.

I also want to share one of my many poems on this subject:

“Isn’t it wonderful

How a flower or two

Can brighten our pathway

And cheer our hearts too

How the lilt of a song

Makes us happy and gay

And a rainbow brings hope

After skies have gone grey?

Could there be greater proof

That there’s Someone, Somewhere

Who blesses us daily

And answers all prayer

Greater proof that there’s

Someone who guides and leads

And “whose grace is sufficient”

For all of our needs!”

Thanks again.

Edie Mabby, Aldergrove