Her Brothers

Her Brothers

‘Her Brothers’ call for more men to stand up for women’s rights

Her Brothers, an Aldergrove family band, are promoting the message of equality for females on their current concert tour.


What do Aldergrove rock band ‘Her Brothers’ and Prime Minister Trudeau share in common?

Both want to see more men stand up for the rights of women.

This past Friday Justin Trudeau shared a message calling for more men to join the fight for women’s rights (see https://www.facebook.com/HuffPostCanada/videos/1098407023512809/). The band responded with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIsMpdbSH6g

Her Brothers was on the way back from a recent tour of schools in the mighty Peace Country of Alberta where they had shared this message with thousands of kids, when Trudeau’s comment crossed their radar.

“Hey, that’s our message!” said lead singer Gabe Penner. “As men we are in a unique position to challenge each other to a higher standard in the way we view and treat women.”

Inspired by their little sister, the three brothers released their debut album “She” early last year. Playing schools, theatres, clubs and community events in both B.C. and Alberta, Her Brothers often ask audiences, “How many of you have sisters? How many of you have mothers?”

Because that’s who we are talking about: our mothers, our sisters, our aunts and grandmothers.

Together, let’s change the status quo. Let’s make Canada and our world a better place by encouraging one half of humanity, to stand up for the other half, for the benefit of all.


Teresa Penner, Manager, Aldergrove