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LETTER: Grateful for lift around Langley’s flood water

A Coquitlam cyclist found himself surrounded by water after Friday’s heavy rains
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Dear Editor,

I want to express my thanks from getting a ride through flooded roads on Saturday.

My weekly leisure ride had me bike along Allard Crescent and then head west along 102B Avenue.

102B Avenue was flooded and I was not prepared to go through water that deep.

So, I figured on taking a detour on 216th Street, but it was flooded, too.

I saw a man standing on the roadside and asked me if I could use a ride.

I accepted his offer and learned from him 216th Street was flooded out in two places.

After I got off and thanked him for the ride, he headed north on 216th Street, and I headed south and eventually made it across Golden Ears Bridge.

Vincent Lizee, Coquitlam


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