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LETTER: It was a different way of remembering in Aldergrove

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Dear Editor,


A Different Remembering

We couldn’t all come together this year,

So we remembered from the comfort of our homes

Those whose lives were lost in all the past wars,

Much bloodier, more terrible, than what we face

Today – alone, in family groups, and

In hospital beds across the globe.


Years, decades – a century ago! – our soldiers

Died in circumstances beyond our ability to recall,

Or conceive, so we could be free and

Live to remember now amid a silent plague

That comes invisibly, randomly and

Terrible enough to those who succumb, or fall.


We remembered around our flat-screen hearths –

Where normally we found news or other entertainment -

Those who died in trenches, fields and war-torn

Waters around the world. Some also fell “over there”

To plagues of disease that swept them away

While those at home wept their deep laments.


Today we stopped and gathered around the images

Reflecting on what they gave, by words, instruments and song;

We met to honour those who died by how we live.

A different kind of Remembrance Day -

But one that brought together those still here and free

To remember those who fought and all those who are gone.


James A (Jim) Sclater, Aldergrove


ALDERGROVE SERVICE: Aldergrove legion branch #265 commemorates Remembrance Day


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