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LETTER: Langley City resident concerned how land development impacts Nicomekl floodplain

Rainwater runs off the land instead of being absorbed into the ground
Development proposal no. 16-0300 is on the Surrey/Langley border and is one of the developments that will impact the Nicomekl River system. (City of Surrey agenda)

Dear Editor,

Letter sent to Langley City.

I am writing this letter as a concerned citizen regarding the higher levels of the Nicomekl floodplain when there are heavy rain falls.

With the development of apartment buildings being built and all the gardens being replaced there’s no place for the groundwater to be absorbed anymore.

All the rain water is now dumped in the Nicomekl River which is also now being silted over by run off.

The flood plain is not able to handle the run off from all the areas that are feeding into the river.

As we have seen in 2021 that the City had flooding and the houses around Brydon Lagoon were also very close to being flooded on the north side.

Since all the development happened I have noticed the level year by year being higher, and of course, climate change is not helping either.

Surrey also have big development plans, development proposal no 16-0300, for instance. This is off 196th Street and 46th Avenue, and will also flow in to the Nicomekl River.

All this is a disaster to happen if Langley City and Surrey do not take appropriate measures to work on a solution.

Gerard Deneve, Langley City


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