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LETTER: Langley City resident critical of mayor’s claims

Letter writer says incumbent taking credit for projects controlled by province or federal government
Image is from the election website for Val van den Broek. (screen grab)

Dear Editor,

Every four years, during municipal election season, we get a chance to see a lot of different strategies, promises, and plans for the future. But the campaign from Mayor Val is one that stands out this year for so many reasons. And none of them are good.

It is normal to hear people make promises and speak to their accomplishments, to show that they have a track record. But in an odd strategy, the incumbent mayor seems ready and willing to forget about almost every single person she has worked alongside over the last four years.

Who brought SkyTrain to Langley City? The mayor, apparently, by flying to Ottawa and forcing the federal government to hand over the remaining funds to get SkyTrain out to our community. But the process has been ongoing for over a decade, with multiple levels of government crunching numbers, working with communities, consulting with transit experts, and making a business case which led to the final pledge from the federal government. So who really brought SkyTrain to Langley? Lots of people. Not one lone mayor.

Who brought Foundry to Langley City? Mayor Val says it was one of her campaign promises when she ran for her seat in 2018, and she now claims it was she who brought the facilities and programs to the City. But not one moment is spared to mention the community that worked with non-profit organizations, health providers, and the province to bring this invaluable resource to the Langleys.

And who brought a new hospital to Surrey? Apparently, the mayor did. Who knew? The province is responsible for major health-care decisions, but I suppose since she “won” billions from the federal government for SkyTrain, anything is possible. I wonder if anyone has told Mayor McCallum about the hospital since he apparently had nothing to do with it, either?

Elections bring out some of the worst in people, and this year is no different. It’s truly amazing to see a candidate falsely claim so many lone achievements, ignoring the hard work of every citizen, organization, and elected official who came together and made these dreams a reality.

Mike Murray, Langley City


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