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LETTER: Langley City senior sees fear rising along with inflation

Cost of living keeps going up and people are worried about the future, letter writer argues
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Dear Editor,

Is there such a thing as a simple question that can be answered with a simple answer?

If we are not in a recession right now, what are we in?

Costs may be down in some aspects such as gas, the value of a house, but the living costs still keep rising in such things as food and housing rentals, mortgages, and I keep noticing the rising costs of other retail merchandise.

Then there is the other costs that aren’t packaged in a box or displayed in a retail store window.

The value of the human cost of fear, the possibility what we have earned in our lifetime will be lost and then there are our dreams.

If there is no simple answer to a simple question, we should question not just ourselves why the world is in the same dilemma, and why the human windows which we view through have so much broken glass and lay shattered beneath the feet of governments.

If we are not in a recession right now, could we call it a reflection? An image that reflects correction? The moment that history repeats itself without cause or meaning? The pinnacle of regret? The absence of guilt? The money changer?

I know maybe we can call it bad luck? Ya, it’s bad luck, Schmuck!

Cran Campbell, Langley City


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