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LETTER: Langley cyclist welcomes federal government on board with bike lanes

Local man has used biking infrastructure in many communities across Canada and abroad
A local cycling enthusiast is pleased the federal government is paying attention to bike lanes. (Heather Colpitts/Langley Advance Times)

Dear Editor,

As an avid cyclist and EV Guinness record setter, I was very impressed with Ottawa for finally recognizing the need for improving Canada’s bike lanes.

As they are one of the best and most enjoyable forms of exercise, I’ve had the privilege of enjoying them in select areas all over Canada.

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Although we are making steady improvements in our area, few compare to the ones I’ve found elsewhere. Calgary of all places has several great ones as does Ontario along the Niagara River from the falls almost all the way to Toronto and another I found somewhere in Quebec that meanders behind a neighbourhood through the surrounding wooded area – not unlike the Nickomekl floodplain path.

But we’ve still got a lot of room for improvement as many in our area begin and end randomly in many areas, and aren’t raised, which is mostly due to retrofitting. But at least were trying.

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What’s also encouraging is legislating the raised pathways in new developments that provide a safety barrier between us and “them” where pedestrians and us co-exist peacefully. This is a long-term investment that will pay dividends in family values health and learning to appreciate a more intimate interaction with our environment that I, for one, intend to continue taking full advantage of.

See you out there, with my helmet on. Always.

Danny Halmo, Langley


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