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LETTER: Langley newspaper criticized for doing story on maskless encounter

Local letter writer shares opinion on video of unmasked man in grocery store
B.C. MInisterial Order 425 and the list of permitted exemptions to wearing face masks in retail businesses and other public spaces. (B.C. Government website)

Dear Editor,

[Re: Woman shaken after belligerent encounter with unmasked man in Langley store,, Jan. 19]

What are garbage piece of reporting.

The first woman shared her private info with the gentleman so she was a willing participant. They were having a conversation.

The nosey idiot with the camera was just that. She’s the problem in our society not the respectful social distancing man. He was no threat in any way shape or form.

Try educating yourself on the exemptions of M425 before you become responsible for inciting hate crimes on the venerable [sic] exempt in our society. You’ve put a black mark on our city of Langley.

At least, I now unequivocally know that your paper isn’t good enough to be fire starter in the cold day in hell that I’ll ever support your trash again. Wow.

Simone Faubert, Langley


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