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LETTER: Langley resident argues super rich should pay their fair share

Politicians should not be giving handouts to the ultra-wealthy, local woman says
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is headquartered in Ottawa. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

Dear Editor,

One particular pre-election idea being considered is the taxation of the “super rich.” But do big corporations fall within this category? If so, how on earth can they even be taxed fairly with such entrenched “legal” loopholes and tax shelters?

Massive corporate handouts are another outrage.

Just a little digging reveals the enormous financial give-a-ways of our tax dollars to big corporations. In addition to this obscene generosity, it almost always comes with no strings attached with regard to job creation or economic stimulation.

It is appalling when this amount is compared (but not limited to) the money spent on social programs and welfare. Why should Canadian people even begin to consider “austerity” when perhaps it’s these corporations that should probably do a little bootstrap pulling themselves?

Imagine the possibilities for Canada and the average Canadian if everybody paid their fair share of taxes – and, if massive corporate handouts were addressed.

The term “corporate welfare bums” was coined by leader of the NDP David Lewis in the 1970s. He also once said “Governments and big business are holding hands – in your pocket.”

The government needs to collect and distribute taxes fairly and wisely. Quality public infrastructure – hard and soft – costs money. Afterall, the greatest nations in the world are the ones with the fewest holes in their roads and the fewest holes in their social safety nets.

Michelle Matich, Murrayville

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