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LETTER: Langley senior too independent to qualify for housing help

Her apartment building is being replaced and she is concerned about finding a home
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Dear Editor,

Please explain this. I’m baffled!

I live in Pyramid Apartments and have to move. I need assisted living.

I cannot be put on the waiting list, because I don’t use Langley Home Support.

I pay a neighbour for the help I need, taking out my garbage, cleaning my suite, and picking up groceries or supplies as needed. Note: Langley Home Support does not offer any of these.

I have a top of the line bath seat so I can safely shower myself with no assistance.

I order complete meals (Better Meals) which I heat in the microwave with no assistance.

I have groceries delivered from Save-On.

Do I need to have a home support worker come once a day to ask if I took my meds?

Do I need to have a home support worker come and watch me take a shower (which Langley will pay for) so I can ask for a place in assisted living?

Truly baffled.

Barbara E. Williamson, Langley City


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