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LETTER: Langley Seniors of the Year prevent another senior from being scammed

Family wrote to thank Bill and Arlene Pike for warning about scam phone calls
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Dear Editor,

Re: [Couple warns of scams, Langley Advance Times, Nov. 11]

My mom received a similar phone call today and was prepared to give money to this scammer she was thought was her grandson. Luckily she called me because she couldn’t remember her cards CVS code. I asked her why and she said it was a secret but my nephew had been charged with a DUI and needed money for bail.

I had just read your article in the morning, and told her not to give any money over the phone and to call my nephew to confirm the situation. He was fine and laughed at what they tried to do since he wouldn’t be asking her for money. However, my mother was very upset and shaken up.

They called back and she said she was reporting this to the RCMP.

I’ve notified her assisted living residence staff, and they will be putting this information in their bulletin and newsletter. And I’ve notified my friends.

Thanks the Pikes for this heads up, please!

Norma Nickel, Langley

PS: The one really funny thing about this is that my mom asked if she could send them a check! In the mail! (Obviously would need their address, etc.)


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