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LETTER: Langley Township should cancel rodeo and host event celebrating horses

Letter writer joins BCSPCA and Humane Society is opposing planned autumn rodeo
A local resident is calling on the Township to stop certain events at an upcoming rodeo, such as bronc riding, and instead plan an event that celebrates the horse. (Black Press Media files)

Dear Mayor and Council,

Re: [Rodeo comes to town for Langley Day weekend, Langley Advance Times, June 2]

As a long time Langley Township resident I would like to add my voice to be considered in the planning of this proposed event. Langley Township is known for its equestrian centres and lovely farms.

I am, therefore, fully in favour of an event which celebrates these features. However, in my view such an event can be just as wonderful and enjoyable without the cruelty normally involved in a standard rodeo.

I would propose a more progressive event with fun for all and the sanction of the SPCA. This would show a positive example to children and adults, and avoid the protests and counter protests which will inevitably occur if a standard rodeo is held.

A successful uplifting event involving no animal cruelty would certainly give Langley Township something to be proud of and all citizens to enjoy guilt free.

I trust you will use wisdom in planning this event and make it a positive experience for all.

Darlene Bezalel, Murrayville


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