LETTER: Langley’s Old Yale Road needs to be replaced

LETTER: Langley’s Old Yale Road needs to be replaced

Murrayville man describes historic road as unduly lumpy and bumpy

Dear Editor,

Interesting Old Yale Road in Murrayville has not been done, but yet the Township will restore old homes existing in Langley Township.

They can redo old barns and use them for storage for heritage work at there convenience. But always the same excuse not to bother with Old Yale Road.

PAST LETTER: Old Yale Road paving stonewalled

So, high time to get off the pot and redo the lumpy and bumpy Old Yale Road.

Brent Whitelaw, Murrayville

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[Editor’s Note: The section of road west of Five Corners has a heritage designation, as a result the municipality has chosen not to dig up the original 1920s road surface – the first paved road in Langley].


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