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LETTER: Liberals whittling away at gun owner rights, Langley man says

Many of the weapons on the latest ban list have been banned for years
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Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to Arlene Van Hove’s letter in the May 14 edition.

MP Tako van Popta’s statement was not on the heels of the Nova Scotia tragedy. I believe it was the Liberals who chose to use this event to announce their blanket gun ban. Citizens are believing the propaganda that Liberals keep repeating hoping if people hear it enough they will believe it.

In The Blue Line Magazine, a police publication, the RCMP refer to their new rifles as patrol carbines saying they are not assault rifles as they don’t have full auto capability. Why then does the government refer to private citizens rifles as assault rifles? Again, keep saying it and people begin to believe it.

The black scary looking rifles the Liberals have banned, which were in fact used for sporting purposes, hold five rounds of ammunition and are no different than a multitude of other semiautomatic hunting rifles.

The Liberals would have you believe there is no use for such firearms in our society, but they are used in sporting competitions across the country. They are limited to use on licensed gun ranges and not used to take down a deer as Trudeau stated.

Several of the firearms that were banned are however used for hunting in Canada. Numerous items such as missile launchers on the list have been banned for civilian use for years.

I served in the RCMP for 35 years and retired in 2015. I never attended a call where an “assault rifle” was used.

The government is continuing to whittle away at the rights of sport shooters and hunters and won’t be happy till they have every gun down to grandpa’s single shot 12-gauge. Certain shotguns are now covered by the ban by the way as the bore is larger than 20mm.

Legal gun owners are not the issue yet the government continues to make regulations making it more and more onerous to have firearms.

Do the criminals care? They just keep laughing as judges always drop the gun charges first if they ever get charged with a crime. I’ve seen them slapping each other on the back as they leave court.

This legislation was pushed through while Parliament is adjourned due to a health pandemic and by an illegal order in counsel.

How far is this government going to go to limit our personal freedoms is what we should be worried about.

Dave Jones, Walnut Grove