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LETTER: Mob of ‘MAiD meddlers’ couldn’t sway man facing surgery

Reader went under knife recently for quadruple bypass, and chose to pull the plug if it went bad

Dear Editor,

I support what Kyle Latchford [Grateful for the choice, Langley Advance Times online, Jan. 29] wrote about medically assisted dying (MAiD).

No doubt we should expect righteous indignation from writers like Dean Clark, who mistakenly believe that their rights of religious freedom means that they can fight this advancement in human rights and overturn it.

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It does not, but my freedom of expression gives me the right to rebuke any non-sensical aspects religious belief when it crosses the line and seek to push outdated dogma onto modern society.

A personal case in point in my support of MAiD.

Recently, I had a vacation in the cardiac ward of Royal Columbian Hospita. Instead of just getting a T-shirt, I got a quadruple bypass.

I was asked what my wishes were, something that I have no doubt that Dean Clark would object to, if something were to go wrong in surgery.

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I said if there is hope, sure, but if there is no hope or that I had become brain dead then let me go – as I would have already gone.

The point is, my wishes were mine to make, free and clear of interference by those whose lives revolve around forcing their narrow-minded religious views on others.

There would be no hypocritical cries of “Jesus, save me,” as I chose to go out on my own terms if things had gone south during the operation.

A great team of surgeons and support staff pulled me through, although my days of shoveling snow are over.

The anti-MAiD mob can celebrate their freedom to not make use of MAiD and suffer needless agony and decreased quality of life in drug induced stupors as the reach the end of their life journey.

Their choice, and a selfish one at that.

But, I will continue to support the legal right over religious beliefs for people to decide what is best for them at the end.

All the rationalizations and hoop jumping that the anti-MAiD people do to justify their meddling means squat to me.

Robert T. Rock, Mission


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