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LETTER: Pedestrians need to look up from their phones, Langley letter writer says

People have to pay attention to traffic and traffic lights while on foot
A local letter writer voices concerns about pedestrian safety. (Matthew Claxton/Langley Advance Times)

Dear Editor,

Re: [Opinion column Big trucks taking their toll, Langley Advance Times, Oct. 28]

This note is in response to Mathew Claxton’s recent column, Big trucks taking their toll.

While his stats and research to support blame on the SUV and truck owners is likely correct. Where is the research showing how many pedestrians are head down reading their phones and plugged in oblivious to the traffic around them. I suggest the correlation of increased pedestrian accidents is well correlated to phone use.

There also seems to be complete apathy on the pedestrians part to MOVE through the walkways. They saunter at a casual relaxed Sunday pace, ridiculously holding up traffic.

As the pedestrian will likely have the most to lose when interfacing with a vehicle ( of any type), it would behoove them to lift their eyes from their device, potentially remove one if not both earbuds and briskly walk across the road after looking both at the lights and traffic around them.

Just as there are ‘bad’ drivers there are equally ‘bad’ pedestrians.

Alexandra Rolfe, Walnut Grove


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