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LETTER: Rising food costs stun Langley City senior

Writer concerned about people’s ability to afford nutritious food
Consumers haven’t seen food price increases of the current magnitude for four decades. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

Dear Editor,

Everyone out there is aware of the rising costs of food and how unaffordable it has become.

On Thursday like every other day I got floored when I went into my local grocery store and saw the price of lettuce. A few days ago, a head of lettuce cost was $4, and when I saw this I stopped and walked up to the price displayed to make sure what I was reading was correct, and it was, and balked in disbelief, and thought to myself, “Is this insane or what?”

A few days later, I saw the price of this green salad-making, sandwich-making vegetable at the price of $4.49 and was floored again because a few days ago the outrageous price was $4, but it increased to the new, newborn price of $4.49.

I wanted to slap myself into reality, but I realized I was awake, and the nightmare was visually confronting me right before my eyes. I turn my view to the side, and I focused on the Green Leaf lettuce thinking it will be a substitute and then shuttered in my shoes to see the amazing, unimaginable and unthinkable price of just of $4.99.

What a deal.

I walked away.

Money buys us the items we may want or need, but when prices reach out past the limits of affordability, these necessities are no longer become attainable, and you either walk away from them or question their importance. I thought, and I walked away.

When all the people walk away from buying nutritious food what will we have left but a piece of bread that lies empty begging for the ingredients of life?

We are headed that way. We are becoming a piece of bread without the lettuce and a salad bowl with no ingredients.

Cran Campbell, Langley City


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