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LETTER: Take opportunity to thank Langley’s first responders

Emergency crews are out in all kinds of weather dealing with tragic situations, letter writer notes
Crews were called to a house fire at 30th Avenue and 240th Street in April 2021. It was reported around 3 a.m by a local firefighter who was driving to the scene of a motor vehicle crash. (Andy Hewitson/Special to Langley Advance Times)

Dear Editor,

Like many Langley residents, I have raised an eyebrow when local council officials say we need more first responders, but on Saturday night my cynicism was replaced by awe and gratitude.

My husband and I, and our two young granddaughters were travelling from Langley east on Fraser Highway just after 9 p.m. We could see the flashing lights ahead, and we were stopped by a fireman who told us that the RCMP had closed the road. There was an accident ahead just before 232nd Street.

This officer, standing in the pouring rain, was polite and courteous and obviously aware of the seriousness of this accident. There were fire trucks, ambulances, police all doing their duty on this cold, dark night.

Many will say “they” were just doing their jobs, but we tend to forget that they are human beings with feelings and loved ones.

What must it be like as a police officer to knock on a door and tell parents their 17-year-old son has been killed in a road accident. Or the firemen who have to extricate accident victims together with the ambulance paramedics who see death up close and personal, and not to forget the tow truck operators who remove tangled wrecks.

And this was a fatal accident was on the first Saturday of the New Year.

So the next time you hear sirens, move over and thank our first responders, each and every one of them.

Pamela G. Omelaniec, Otter


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