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Many years ago I lived in Aldergrove and liked the little town. So, five years ago my husband and I moved back here for our retirement.


Many years ago I lived in Aldergrove and liked the little town. So, five years ago my husband and I moved back here for our retirement. We live on 26B Avenue in a little rancher. Because of our ages, 72 and 73 years old, we wanted to take life easy. In our subdivision there are about 100 houses and we have a very friendly neighbourhood.

For the first three years, in September and October, I went out at midnight and cleared the leaves from many storm sewers. The water was often ankle-deep on the road and came into our home’s crawl space.

The third winter, when we had so much snow around Christmas, members of eight families were outside one day, shoveling 26B and the 273 Street cul-de-sac for hours. The snow was knee-high and lots of cars were getting stuck but no snowplow came by.

The past fall of 2011 we faced the annual chore of trying to get rid of the leaves from the two Township trees adjoining our lot. Though I was very ill we cleared up nine bags in one week, and nine more the next week. The Township did not send anyone to prune the trees or to help with raking, despite three calls to them.

Winter brought snow again. We were stuck in the house for 13 days. My husband shoveled the walk twice but the third time he fell on the icy road and hurt his ankle. I could not help because I was undergoing cancer treatment. Township Hall said there was not enough snow for a plow, but people had to put chains on wheels to get out of our neighbourhood. I have photos of the snow depth.

Many of us living here notice that the town is going downhill. The mall containing Extra Foods seems to be in limbo; many businesses come and go. Aldergrove Lake is gone; where will all those families and swimmers go? We were promised an indoor pool in 2007-08 but that does not seem to be happening.

On 272 Street the sidewalks are lumpy and bumpy with tree roots, and covered with leaves and snow in their seasons. Sometimes parts of the west side are in better shape. And we are very concerned with the lack of sidewalks and lighting on 272 Street from 28 Avenue to at least 25 Avenue. There is a line painted there but cars leaving the lit area are hard-pressed to see the many pedestrians, including young ones, after dark. Bus stops are not shoveled or cleaned of leaves.

We are glad that the Township is finally looking at crosswalks on 29 Avenue. Sadly, action comes after tragedy, although the recent accident there might not have been avoided even with crosswalks.

Gloucester Industrial Estates seems to suck up our water supply in the summer, leaving us in a desert between Langley and Abbotsford. Please make sure the new water system coming in 2014 does not get stalled.

It is very difficult to manage here without a vehicle. Although the bus systems in the east and west of us are gradually improving, it is crazy trying to get to Vancouver or Chilliwack without your own vehicle. Transit does not even go to Gloucester Estates, where thousands of people work.

Many of us agree that Al;dergrove is going downhill. We pay quite high taxes but have very little to show for them.

Please keep us on the radar and supply us with the services that seem to be taken away often, just because our area is not attracting many new people. We are still here.

Inge and Rudolf Wustmann, Aldergrove


I was very pleased to read the article regarding a swimming/recreational centre in Aldergrove, and pleased also to see that Councillor Bob Long supports the idea. What I found a little odd though was his comment about the potential $20 million cost and Aldergrove’s small population base of 11,000. I think we have to also take into consideration all the residential development happening in Abbotsford just east of Station Road. These are potential users of the facility.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe there is a true recreational facility between Murrayville and Mt. Lehman. If I am correct in that assumption, then there is plenty of potential for a much larger population base to support a swimming/recreational centre.

Kudos to those members from the Million Dollar Neighbourhood who are driving this plan, remember the old saying… Build it and they will come.

Debbie Atkinson, Aldergrove

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