No to ‘smart meters’

Susan Fletcher, Sechelt, says she's opposed to BC Hydro's smart meters


Delegates to the Union of B.C. Municipalities have voted 55 to 45 in favour of a moratorium on province-wide installation of BC Hydro Smart Meters. Rob Wipond’s in-depth ‘Getting a Read on Smart Meters’ in September’s Focus Magazine explains why: high costs, health deficits, lack of security and loss of privacy.

Thanks to hard work by concerned citizens’ groups, increasing numbers are becoming informed despite stonewalling by Hydro officials and a government mandate issued without prior consultation.

If they have any sense, government will drop the mandate, Hydro will back off and citizens will be granted their democratic right to freedom of choice. If you agree, let B.C.’s Minister of Energy know so at

Susan Fletcher, Sechelt