Public frightened of using public walkway


I have written this letter to MLA Rich Coleman in regards to the public walkway at 269 Street and 28B Avenue in Aldergrove. I live on on side of the walkway and have lived here for four months. In the four months since being here there have been many many problems with that walkway.

The amount of children that use that walkway during school hours is incredible. They leaveĀ  garbage everywhere, they throw their smokes all over as well as the amount of drugs that are used.

I, along with neighbours, have contacted the high school and were told due to it not being school property their hands were tied. We have spoken with police and were told the best thing to do is call the Township. They throw their garbage over our fence in the neighbour’s yard and have no respect for our properties.

I have a nine-year-old daughter who I can not even let out in the yard due to all the drugs and foul language, as well as public urination. The walkway is not safe and the amount of drug traffic that goes up and down it is incredible.

I would like to invite anyone from your office or a member of the police force to come sit in my house and just watch what goes on, and I feel if that happens something would be done. We have enough problems with the youths in Aldergrove having nothing to do and therefore hang out in walkways and cause trouble.

Property value in this neighbourhood I am sure is greatly affected due to this matter. I would like to think the Township can do something about this; they need to care more about Aldergrove and give it the same consideration as a bigger city.

I grew up here and would like to continue raising my children here, however, I feel Aldergrove is no longer a family town. It is overrun by youth on the street, numerous drug dealers and public walkways that are not patrolled. I will be forwarding this letter to the Aldergrove Star as well as the Langley Times. Your attention to this would be greatly appreciated.

Frustrated in Aldergrove