Save the trees, says reader

Did you read in the paper about the fact that they are selling trees in order to raise enough money to BUY the Aldergrove Elementary School?


Did you read in the paper about the fact that they are selling trees in order to raise enough money to buy the Aldergrove Elementary School in order to turn it into the new community centre?

Now first off, selling trees? They chopped down the ones at the park and gave them away. I am sure douglas firs  were worth money!

Secondly, what is the deal with Cutting down trees? Do these people have no concept of what trees do for us?

Thirdly, another community centre, what is wrong with the one we have?

Fourthly, we can’t get a pool, but we are going to have two community centres?

Fifthly, they are looking at a potentially 2 million dollars for the sale of the trees, which is more than the cost of the school but say they get the school. It certainly won’t be used the way it is. It will need to probably be gutted in order to meet their idea of what we need so more money will be thrown into it.

Sixthly, say this all goes ahead, what happens to the other community centre and the things that happen in it, e.g. the library — do you think the library is going to want to move to Aldergrove Elementary? Or will they have a choice?

Again what happens to the current community building? Sold, well that makes no sense….but doesn’t mean it wouldn’t happen but what are they going to do turn it into a pool that would be the carrot they continually dangle for us to grasp at, so that we won’t disagree with what they are doing. Not the first time if this is their current thinking, so more money will need to be spent to change what is already a functioning building into something it isn’t while other money is being spent to change another building into something we already have and is paid for.

I seriously don’t get it. And I don’t think I am that thick that I shouldn’t get it.

We want a indoor pool, we have since the beginning of time; why is this request never followed through on, especially after all the studies that keep being done on it, and where it is going to be located etc. And when it is going to be built and ready for use? The last time it was supposedly going to be done it was going to be attached to the current paid for community centre, on ground that is owned by the township.  If this had gone ahead as planned I would have been swimming in it for the past two to three years but no, there is still no sign of an indoor pool.

They went ahead a built the useless, eye sore of a bike park and then the disgraceful community gardens to appease what? Five people who don’t have places to garden around their own homes?

When questioned about the pool at the time of the meeting about the upcoming community garden….Charlie Fox stated that they were going to buy the Aldergrove Elementary School and put the pool there cause it was more local. So you are saying two blocks away isn’t local? also, again the fact that you need to buy the property before you even start possibly building the pool, that you keep saying you don’t have the funds for [carrot dangling again] but again, you are selling trees to build something we already have.

Again I don’t get it.

I don’t agree with selling trees for the sake of gaining money. The purpose of the trees far outweigh what the sale of them will be used for.

I think these councilors need to give their heads a shake, it seems whenever they decide what is good for Aldergrove, it is never what the Aldergrove wants or needs!

Sharon Lamb, Aldergrove