The court of public opinion

Jack Froese, Langley, says voters will decide on Nov. 19, 2011


Now that the Lidstone Report on the wrongdoings of Mayor Green is out, I encourage everyone to read the report for him or herself.

Mayor Green and his supporters have conducted a three-year campaign to smear the reputations of sitting councilors and staff members.  I commend the councilors on Township of Langley council who didn’t give up and stood up for what is right.

Although we are not going to see justice done in a court of law it is apparent that Mayor Green was accused of serious criminal behavior and abused the trust the voters of Langley Township placed on him by electing him Mayor.  It will be the court of public opinion on November 19, 2011 when the electorate will have the opportunity to choose our next mayor.  Rick Green will be tried in the court we call democracy and the people of Langley will send a clear message that his type of politics is unwanted in our community.

Jack Froese, Langley