Time for us to talk turkey?


Recently I saw yet another letter portraying the current Langley Township mayor as a knight in shining armour gallantly fighting the evil councillors (this infamous “gang of six”) and insiders before going on to insult a new candidate.

I wondered how much truth there was to the allegations made so I actually called Jack Froese and asked him if he ever uttered the statement that the letter writer Robert Moats attributed to him. His words were twisted just enough to change the meaning of what was actually said. He had stated that he would work together with any elected council. Was it not the democratic process that put these councillors into office in the first place? Was it not the constituents’ choice for who they chose to speak for them?

Clearly the mayor’s gang of letter writers only sees and hears what they want to believe is the truth. It’s like they’re spellbound by Merlin and they’ve already formed their opinions regardless of the facts.

This makes me wonder if the mayor’s Camelot has any grip on reality at all. I suspect not.

I, for one look forward to a new and unbiased perspective in local government. Why can we not, finally, work together for the Good of Langley.

Maybe its time we all just talk a little turkey.

Marlene Myers, Langley