We need to set better example for our children’s sake


Political vitriol is rampant in our system and I believe that the effects are far-reaching and detrimental. Honourable, qualified individuals may decide not to run for public office for fear of personal assaults and public criticism. The voting public loses interest in the electoral process as the discussion of important issues becomes lost in the stream of propaganda and meaningless political banter.

The tone of Fiona Miller’s letter is in stark contrast to the values and ideas espoused in this by-election, such as working together in a respectful manner and working toward a new “culture” on the school board. If Ms. Miller’s behaviour is representative of a new “culture” I have grave misgivings that the hope of respect and harmony on the school board will be realized. Miller purports that the students and community will be served with “integrity”, however, this value is non-evident in her letter.

I hope discourse in the future will be conducted with decorum. To serve our children well we need to demonstrate behaviour which we wish them to emulate. Blatantly ignoring the efforts of a candidate who has devoted so much of her time and energy to the Langley school community is not behaviour I would wish anyone to emulate.

Elizabeth Pahlke, Aldergrove