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Bee blader begins cross country journey with stop in hometown – Aldergrove

Zach Choboter is raising awareness for pollinators by rollerblading across the country
Aldergrove’s Zach Choboter set off from Whistler on a cross country rollerblading journey. (Special to The Star)

And he’s off.

Aldergrove’s Zach Choboter departed from the Olympic Plaza in Whistler on Tuesday, May 25 – the start of a cross-country journey to raise awareness for bees.

Aiming for 100 to 120 kilometers every day, Choboter has set aside two-and-a-half months to get to St. John’s, Newfoundland by using rollerblades and camping along the way.

“People need bees and all pollinators. They balance our natural ecosystems and are a vital part of our economy,” Choboter explained “They affect us all and are responsible for one in every three bites of food that we eat. Bees contribute almost 600 billion dollars to our economy annually.”

He and his team will skate more than 9,000 kilometers in an effort to show people how important the creatures are – stopping in various communities and eventually establishing and educational non-profit upon their return.

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“Spirits are high,” Choboter assured, heading south on the Sea to Sky highway to Horseshoe Bay during his first leg of the journey.

Following 102.05 kilometers from Nanaimo to Langford, Choboter had already racked up 207.95 kilometers by the end of day two in Victoria.

“Coming into this week I knew I have to treat this like a marathon not a sprint. Legs are good, feet are sore, but spirits are high,” Choboter explained about how the first week is going. “So far everything is going well we are just getting the hang of our routine.”

Officially back onto the mainland, Choboter will stop in his home community – Aldergrove – on the weekend where people are encouraged to keep an eye out for him zipping along the streets.

“Skating through Aldergrove means a lot to me. It’s where I played hockey growing up and where I started to roller skate with my best friend Mike Hamm – who is actually currently on this trip with me,” Choboter added. “When I was training and skating through Aldergrove there were some nostalgic feelings stirring.”

By the time he returns home, he hopes to have set a new Guinness World Record for longest journey on roller blades

People can visit and follow the journey at for updates.

“Thanks so much for the continued support and all the stoke,” he said.

Everyone can track Choboter’s progress on an interactive map at

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