Pucek in Clash ‘Redux’ fight

No matter what happens, boxing history will be made Friday, Sept. 9 at the "Clash @ the Cascades" #44.

No matter what happens, boxing history will be made Friday, Sept. 9 at the “Clash @ the Cascades” #44.

The main boxing event will be a fight for the British Commonwealth Championship. The British Commonwealth title is the oldest title in boxing and this will be the first time two women will have fought for the title.

It will also be the first time an international undisputed pro boxing championship has taken place in British Columbia.

Fort Langley’s Sarah Pucek, the current Canadian Featherweight Champion, will fight Lucia Larcinese of Montreal for the British Commonwealth Championship. The 10-round fight will be the main event of a pro am event hosted by Langley City Boxing. The fight is a rematch of a 10-round fight that took place in December 2012 in Vancouver. Pucek was awarded a 10-round decision that night, however, Larcinese felt she won the fight.

For Larcinese the fight is about redemption; she thought she won the first fight and is getting a second chance. For Pucek, it is pride. Pucek got an injury early in the first fight and believes she could have done better and is determined to show better this time around. For both boxers it is a classic redux and the show is being called the Pucek/Larcinese Redux.

The Featherweight Division is the most competitive division in women’s boxing. In the Commonwealth Boxrec Rankings, Pucek is ranked #4 and Larcinese is ranked #3 as a Super Featherweight. Canada has always been very competitive in women’s boxing. The two leading sanctioning bodies, the World Boxing Council and the World Boxing Association, recognize Edmonton’s Jelena Mrdjenovich as the world’s Featherweight Champion, as does the boxing world and WBAN, the bible of women’s boxing.

Pucek was set to fight Mrdjenovich a few years ago, however, had to pull out due to an injury. If Pucek wins on Sept. 9 she will be looking to challenge Mrdjenovich for her title sometime in early 2017 says Dave Allison, Pucek’s long time trainer.

“Sarah has not been active and it is always a challenge getting a fighter’s timing back. Lucia is an experienced fighter that has been in the ring with everyone and is the challenge at hand,” says Allison.