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Give mom a taste of the Mediterranean this Mother’s Day – one that will keep growing!

Grow your own lemons + olives right here in Canada – learn how at The Stem Shop in Aldergrove
Consider a citrus or olive tree for Mother’s Day this year and give mom a gift that is sure to stand out! A new concept is blossoming in Aldergrove! The Stem Shop is not your average florist! Photo courtesy the Stem Shop

This Mother’s Day, it’s time to think beyond the bouquet, and look to something that will bring mom joy throughout the year. Something tasty, too!

“Go above and beyond by skipping a traditional cut-flower bouquet,” suggests Rebecca Toles, owner of The Stem Shop in Aldergrove.

That might sound like strange advice from a florist, but hear her out.

“Cut flowers are beautiful and of course we have a wide variety in stock for the special day but for those looking for a more ‘stand-out’ gift, I would suggest one of our beautiful citrus or olive trees instead,” Toles says.

After all, these trees have remained popular for good reason: “They’re beautiful additions to the home during the cooler months and bring an instant ‘California, beachy vibe’ to the patio in the summer,” Toles notes. “We suggest bringing them out after the risk of frost to ensure they soak up as much sunshine as possible during the warm months.”

Despite their need for warmth and sunshine, tropical fruit trees continue to grow in popularity all across B.C. Many, like citrus and olive trees, are content to remain potted and will happily still produce fruit for those open to overwintering them indoors or in a greenhouse.

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“You can keep citrus and olive trees indoors year-round if you wish but by bringing them outdoors in the summer you’re sure to get better growth and yes, even possibly some fruit if you care for them properly,” Toles says.

Find an overview of care needs for citrus trees here and olive trees here, but The Stem Shop team also offers a wealth of insight for those interested in welcoming one of these unique, tropical trees into their homes.

“Aside from their lighting requirements, citrus and olive trees are not particularly difficult plants to keep thriving in the home environment,” Toles says. “We also have a wide variety of other tropical plants and the knowledge to help you pick the right one for you or your mom’s unique home environment – we’re always excited to talk plants!”

Toles recommends ordering online ahead of Mother’s Day for both their fresh-cut flower bouquets and their live tropical plants to ensure the best selection, and notes that citrus and olive trees in particular can take up to week to come in.

“To ensure our live plants remain healthy and thriving we keep a limited number in our store and instead bring the majority in as they’re ordered. This ensures they remain in the warmth and optimal growing conditions of our supplier’s greenhouses for as long as possible, so our customers always get healthy, happy plants,” Toles says.

Visit The Stem Shop at 103-26956 Fraser Hwy., Aldergrove, check them out online here and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and workshops and special events!

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